iFWork version 4

iFWork is Enterprise Ready, Rapid Web-Based Application Development Framework using Object Oriented PHP.

It contains sophisticated features yet so easy to integrate and to expand and develop any of your application needs.

iFWork version 5

iFWork version 5 tackle each small to large project using Micro Framework utilizing clients preferred language to implement their solution.

Its true cross platform and all configured with high performance and scale-able architecture.


Part of iFWork 5. Its using PHP 7 as FastCGI combined with NGINX.

With latest PHP top performance gain and scale-able


Part of iFWork 5. Its using Node.js as FastCGI combined with NGINX.

Using JS on full large scale deployment of your project


Part of iFWork 5. Its using Elixir as FastCGI combined with NGINX.

Elixir is utilizing Erlang VM which well known for its high capacities for non blocking processes.


We pretty language agnostic. This tool consists of Perl, Python, Java, C# and pretty much anything you need

We have our own micro-framework and tool-chain to implements your solution. So just state what you need then relax and enjoy while your project will be done in a timely manner

Wants to implement new latest technology but afraid that less people adopted it yet? Just contact us and we will help you out. Even if the tech is new with our years of experience in true cross platform development we can be sure to up and running in no time

We also have complete test devices so development for iOS, Mac, Android, Linux and Windows will be no problem at all. We also do tests all of your project result against each of them and make sure its working on all supported platforms.

About Us

We provides total solution for Software development both in Desktop and Mobile applications.

We can implement using Open Source as a first choice to save costs or using Native SDK.



As part of our commitment with society. We currently involved in Boarding House development too!

We aim to better peoples lives. Starting from small projects but with effective effects. Its currently already bring happiness to various kind of tenants with their needs.



As part of our commitment with society. We plan to expand our services in near future.

With our minds set to bring better lives we will expand our reach bit by bit.



Its our business centre

Our base-camp to serve our clients both local and abroad with dedicated 100Mbps line fiber connection.

D-andelion I

House of D-andelion I, is our first Boarding House project. Consists of 6 slots with multi features for standard clean living environtment. Low costs to enable our tenants saves for their children Education.


Bakso Bunting

Bakso Bunting is a project to provides low costs food delicacy which can be used to provides needs of good source of nutritious food.